ENSTA ParisTech belongs to Paris Institute of Technology, an Institute that brings together twelve of the most well-known French Institutes of education and research.
ENSTA ParisTech offers Masters of Engineering, Masters of Science and PhD covering five areas of science and engineering: optics, mechanics, applied mathematics, electronics and chemistry. Each area corresponds to one specific Department. Students also receive courses in economics and foreign languages that prepare them to hold positions in companies or in research institutes.
Research plays a fundamental role at ENSTA ParisTech.
The widely recognized research activities are carried out by faculty members, associate researchers, visitors and doctoral students in all five Departments of the Institute and are strongly linked with education.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

UME is the Department of Mechanical Engineering at ENSTA ParisTech.

The research activities at UME are characterized by a strong multi-disciplinarity between several branches of solid and fluid mechanics: thermomechanical and multiphysics coupling, fatigue and durability of structures, vibroacoustics and nonlinear vibrations, turbulence and separated flows, geophysical fluids and oceanography.

Most of these themes belong to the field of engineering sciences. To tackle the problems, a global approach is often necessary where theoretical modeling, numerical formulation and experiments are mixed together.

A significant number of research results find applications in the fields of transportation, energy, environment, medicine and music.