List of courses

UME plays a central role in training the students of the ENSTA-ParisTech in the fields of Mechanics and Physics in Solid and Fluid Materials/Structrue. The Faculty Members of the department take the major tasks in the three-year training program for the engineering students, providing the scientific fundamental courses (the 1st year training) and the advanced engineering specialisation (2nd and 3rd years training).


Due to our tradition and the nature of the subjects, the mechanical experiments in ENSTA-ParisTech is essential and is always provided to the students for engineering training or/and scientific research. UME proposes to the students, every year, various experimental activities (practical class, classeroom in laboratories, experimental modules (MODEX), individual/group projects in laboratory (PPL), research internships) within its laboratories in Palaiseau.


These activities, which are underlain by the lab’s advanced equipments, allow the students to estimate and to develop the implementation of the current theories approached in classrooms. The experimental activities are structured around federative themes, susceptible to be approached at various levels, from the phase of discovery (practical class of 1st year) to the PhD research.



First Year

Scientific courses

Thematical course


Second Year

Scientific Majors: « Systèmes mécaniques et chimiques » (SMC)

Three Modules :

with various courses :


Scientific Electives


Third Year

Advanced Specialisation