Department of Mechanical Engineering (UME) - ENSTA ParisTech

Head: Habibou MAITOURNAM
Vice-Head: Olivier CADOT - Ziad MOUMNI
Laboratory management:  Caroline FOUBERT - Olivier PELLION

UME is the Department of Mechanical Engineering at ENSTA ParisTech.


Our domains of expertise are characterized by a strong multidisciplinarity between several branches of solid and fluid mechanics:

  • thermomechanical and multiphysics coupling
  • fatigue and durability of materials and structures
  • vibroacoustics and nonlinear vibration
  • separated flows and turbulence
  • rotating and stratified geophysical fluids
  • ocean observation and circulation in Mediterranean Sea

Most of these themes belong to the field of engineering sciences. To tackle the problems, a global approach is often necessary where theoretical modeling, numerical formulation and experiments are closely linked.

Pluridisciplinary studies

Some examples of current interdisciplinary studies are the following:

  • dynamics of shape memory alloys
  • plate turbulence, which is a particular example of wave turbulence in a nonlinear dispersive medium
  • dynamics of vocal folds, that brings together experts in acoustics, fluid-structure interaction and turbulence

An important part of the experimental research carried out in the laboratory takes benefit of a large variety of high quality and dedicated equipment: electronic microscope, wind tunnel, laser scanning vibrometer, anechoic chamber, rotating table, …

Most of the research results can be applied to industrial problems, particularly in the transportation, energy and environment domains. Medicine and music are also potential fields of applications. Recent examples are:

  • multiphysics modeling of the welding process
  • development of fatigue criteria for shape memory alloys (SMA)
  • prediction of instability thresholds for slender structures with axial flow
  • theory of Nonlinear Normal Modes (NNM) with applications to large-amplitude vibrations of thin structures
  • numerical simulation of a concert grand piano
  • passive and active control of turbulent wakes

UME is divided into two research groups:

Teaching and education

UME defines and organises all Mechanics courses given at ENSTA ParisTech during the three-year term of the engineering studies. All faculty members of UME contribute to the teaching activities.

In addition, UME is a partner of several Masters in Mechanics in Paris area, through a joint agreement with other Institutes and Universities:

  • Master of Science and Technology, Specialty « Dynamics of structures and coupled systems », driven by Ecole Centrale de Paris
  • Master of Science and Technology, specialties “Mechanics of materials and structures, Fluid dynamics, Acoustics”, driven by University Pierre-et-Marie-Curie (Paris 6)
  • Master of Science and Technology, Specialty “Ocean, atmosphere, climate and teledetection”, driven by University Pierre-et-Marie-Curie (Paris 6).

Particular consideration is given at UME for training young engineers and scientists through research. The laboratory hosts each year a number of trainees at both the Master and PhD levels.