Advanced Master in Architecture and Security of Information Systems

For businesses, the information systems which make it possible to process, transport and secure data represent an important issue, which simultaneously has strategic, economic, technical and human aspects.
By facilitating decision-making, a well-designed information system can achieve significant and lasting competitive advantages. As redesigning computer applications is excessively expensive, the focus is on making the investments profitable over time: it is necessary to optimise the choices of systems, the cost of transmission and to take into account the sustainability of the developer’s offer.
The main objective of the Advanced Master in Architecture and Security of Information Systems is to integrate these concepts in order to allow the future professional to acquire the techniques and methods for designing and managing information systems as a whole.

Presentation of the Advanced Master in Architecture and Security of Information Systems

Professional prospects

For many businesses, scalability, interoperability and increasingly security remain the black spots in the functioning of their information systems. Thus, the designers of modern information systems, whether they are on the side of the contracting authority, the project management or consulting, must now take into account all these problems that are inherent in them.

For the business, the information system that enables processing and transmitting its data represents important issues that are at the same time strategic, economic, technical and human. By facilitating decision-making, a well-designed information system can enable it to achieve significant and lasting competitive advantages, and must be a determining factor of productivity and efficiency. This master's course was designed to integrate all these concepts and thus present the techniques and methods for the overall designing of information systems.

The purpose of the Advanced Master is to train future architects of information systems, consultants in information systems and cybersecurity or IT project managers distinguished by a good command of the commonly used techniques, in particular those enabling the securing of information systems against external aggressions that are so frequent today.

The strengths

  • Information technology is a cutting-edge domain that is constantly evolving. One of the primary objectives of the Specialised Masters in architecture and security of information systems is to monitor the industrial sector very closely. To maintain close links with IT users, the classes and practical work are supervised, in addition to the permanent teacher-researchers of ENSTA Paris and other schools or universities, by professors from IT service companies.
  • A series of visits to businesses using exemplary information systems illustrates the theoretical lessons.
  • Language and management lessons supplement the course.

The lessons are provided by experts from businesses such as:

  • Atlantis
  • AFIA
  • Air Liquide
  • CEA
  • eBusiness Information
  • IBM
  • Oberthur Card Systems


  • "I chose the MASIS because this very comprehensive programme perfectly covers all the knowledge necessary for an architect to tackle the problems of complex computer systems. Furthermore, the School is well known to professionals from very diverse industries, an undeniable asset for finding an internship or a job. " Vanessa
  • "The teaching provided in the MASIS and the end-of-study internship allowed me to concretely realise the importance of technological mastery for a department manager working on an information system design project. The theoretical and practical knowledge acquired at the ENSTA Paris has effectively helped me to gain technical credibility vis-à-vis my management and to increase my legitimacy vis-à-vis all of my employees." Pierre-Yves

Admission requirements

This course is open to French or foreign applicants holding a degree:

  • of Bac + 5 in engineering, DEA or DESS, Masters, or equivalent,
  • at Bac + 4 level and with at least 3 years of professional experience.

Course fees for 2021-2022

The fees include participation in classes, documents, the use of computers and business visits (travel costs included):

  • •    Individual rate: €7,000

The individual rate is applicable to people who have just finished an initial education course and have not yet been employed and to people seeking employment upon presentation of proof.

  • •    Business and self-employed rate: €12,000

In addition, there is a €200 enrolment fee.

Selection and schedule